Kristi O' Sullivan


Kristi teaches interactive classes on the principles of "do it yourself design." Each class is set up to allow you to develop your own design style, and to bring beauty and comfort into your own home and lifestyle through these fun and informative classes.

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"Yours Mine and Ours": Moving in with a loved one isn’t always lovely bliss and harmony!  Learn how to combine furniture pieces and individual tastes to fill your new home together with well-blended design and style.

"Feeling at Home": The way your home feels is as important as how it looks.  Learn how to create a feeling of warmth, comfort, and fresh energy in your living spaces, and eliminate that which feels uninspired and stagnant using basic principles of feng shui arrangement and interior design techniques.  It’s easier than you think with this 3 class series that teaches you how to be your own designer with personal style.

"Bachelor Pads": This one’s for the guys, and admit it—you need a little help!  Learn how to create a well-decked home base that will impress your friends and dates while expressing your personal coolness with style.



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